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B Stage Information

  Tank 3  

  Computer in Water  
    Fully Heated overflow tank
Can be filled and heated to the level of your requirements
Scaffold rig above the tank
1m x 1m viewing / filming port
Youngman boards (enable the set up of a shot anywhere above the water)
Converts to a North facing daylight stage
Using PUFC drapes, the tank room can be entirely blacked out.
We can supply safety divers if you wish
The tank colour can be changed
  B Stage Plan view  
Click to see printable plan view
  B Stage cross section  
Click to see printable cross section
  Electricity: 160 amp per phase in gantry & 160amp per phase on floor
.2 out over 3 phases, 125 amp out on 1 phase .You are required to use
circuit breakers.
The tank is usually hired out painted black.
When it is cold, or the tank is heated to a very high temperature, a space heater may be required, this can be organised for you.
The tank can be converted into a daylight stage.
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